About Us

Sit down and listen to this story

The story of the Pretoria Hotel in Mannum is a good yarn.

Where do we start? The place is over 100 years old, opened December 22nd 1900 by publican Samuel Mundy Hoad. It’s been there so long, you can still view the 1956 flood marker as you head into the bar, which was totally underwater! Don’t worry, now you can have a great view of the water from a safe distance; from the bar.

The Pretoria Hotel at Mannum caters for everyone with a great river view bar, a front bar tucked off the Main Street, a spacious function room, a high-end bottle shop with an underground cellar and good, old pub-style accommodation.

The Pretoria is run by a South Australian family business, the Hurley Hotel Group. With experience in a variety of country and metropolitan pubs, they put the community first.

That’s what makes the Pretoria Hotel a great place: it’s community focused, bringing locals and visitors together.

It’s a beautiful spot by the river, you’ll love it!